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Map showing some of the current distribution 2019-nCoV cases (1-31-2020)

PREPARING FOR A PANDEMIC: Practical Ideas for the Rest of Us

As the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which originated in Wuhan, China continues to spread, people are increasingly concerned that this virus could herald the start of a pandemic infection. Little is still known about the biology of the virus, and the virulence of the infection due to limited information coming out of China. Without appropriate information […]

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Avoiding Viral Respiratory Diseases – Coronavirus, Influenza and Others: January 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak – Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Family The novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) that has its origins in the city of Wuhan in China is a new virus in the family of Coronaviridae. These viruses contain a single strand of positive RNA and are responsible for causing a variety of illnesses in animals and […]

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Red Flag Warnings and Readiness

September is National Preparedness Month This week, and later in the fall, the North Winds, Sundowner Winds, or Santa Ana Winds (depending on where you live in California) will begin blowing across the state bringing low humidity and gusty conditions across the mountain ranges and down in to coastal cities. Some of the worst fires […]

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It’s Too Darn Hot!

July is rapidly coming to a close, and much of the United States has been under heat advisories due to historically high temperatures. While much of the Midwest and East suffered dangerously hot temperatures last weekend (July 20-21), this weekend (July 27-28) the West coast has its turn. Heat and Exercise When the weather is […]